About FcbShop Module

FcbShop is a Prestashop module which integrates your page on facebook with your Prestashop store. FcbShop is a new, professional sales channel for distributing your stuff in social media networks. Our attractive tool that provides you shop for people with an account on Facebook will increase your income and increase consumer loyalty to your brand.

How does it work?

The FcbShop consists of two things: facebook FcbShop application and prestashop FcbShop module. First of these allows you to add shop tab into specific facebook fanpage. Second create a shop in tab. Installation and configuration of the app and shop is extremely simple. The installation process is a matter of few mouse clicks.

The first step in installation process is to install FcbShop application on your facebook fanpage site. To do this you must go to the FcbShop Facebook appliaction site and fill out the short form. The second step is to install a FcbShop module in your store. The last step is to configure the module according to your needs. The installation process will take you no more than a few minutes! banalna instalacja, tylko 3 kroki dzielÄ… CiÄ™ od integracji prestashop z facebook

FcbShop advantages

Highly user-friendly The module was designed for all users. All you have to know is how to use prestashop back office. With FcbShop module you can create your own unique and functional shop on facebook. It's just a few mouse clicks, check how easy it is!
Items in FcbShop fully corresponds to offer in your Presta store. Items in Facebook store correspond exactly to products that you sell in your official Presta store. This applies to everything: prices, descriptions, taxes, photographs, etc.
Auto update system FcbShop uses information from your Presta store, this solution automatically updates your shop on facebook - so you don't have to do anything.
Category tree Categories and subcategories are the same as category tree in your Presta store. Configuration allows you to customize this feature as you want.
Lates products tab If you want, FcbShop can add a special tab "Latest Products" in the shop menu. This special section contains the latest products added to your store.
Special offer tab This feature allows you to create a special tab "Special Offer" in the shop menu. This tab collects your promotional offer in one place
Special tags pinned to the products. Special tabs "Latest products" and "Special offer" are not everything. For each item in the products list you can add special tags that will inform customers about special offer and new product.
CMS pages included. To the FcbShop menu, you can add the information pages that you have defined in your store by CMS feature. This is the best way to inform your customers about shipping, payment, etc.
Interaction with Facebook users. People who view your shop on Facebook can actively participate in promoting both your store and store specific products by clicking "Like it", posting on wall, etc.
Advanced personalization. Fully customizable layout allows you to personalize your FcbShop as you want. There is nothing in the way to make FcbShop layout the same as your Presta store.
Animated banner. If you want you can add to the shop an animated banner. Create your own animations. This functionality is an easy and attractive way to advert items, special offers etc.
Access to FcbShop updates Subscription to FcbShop module and application allows you to have free access to all updates of FcbShop module. Keep up to date and use unlimited of the most interesting solutions.
Safe browsing (SSL) Facebook has introduced secure browsing service which rejects the possibility of using apps without security certificate.FcbShop works perfectly and without any problem with safe browsing. Adopted in FcbShop solution allows all users to safely browse via our SSL certificate.

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